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  Passionate French teacher living in Paris​

I teach real, conversational French

to students of all ages and levels!  

Learn French as it’s actually spoken by real people

Whether in private or group lessons, my goal is to teach French the way native actually speak, i.e. in a natural way

My one-to-one sessions are completely tailored to your needs to help you improve at a pace that suits you

Sessions are fun, friendly and designed to get you speaking confidently


Andrew, Scotland

I thoroughly enjoy Alexia’s classes. She pushes you just enough to keep you improving, but not so much that you find the lessons or exercises too difficult. She’s very aware of the level that you’re at and where you want to get to. She tailors the classes to not only what you need, but also to what you want to learn. The conversations in the lesson are like any conversation you would have in your own language, and so you learn a lot of vocabulary very quickly. The exercises you then get for homework help you improve with anything specific that you need to. Her explanations of grammar rules and exceptions is excellent; I tried learning so much on my own for over a year, with no success, and Alexia helped me understand several grammar concepts in less than an hour, and even a few months later I still remember the rules. A great teacher who I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn French. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it!

Bianca, Estonia

Alexia is such a wonderful and professional teacher. Classes are always well prepared and personalized. One hours feels like 5 min cause you having such a great fun time learning with her.

Oleg, Ukraine

After trying several formal and informal methods to learn French I’ve discovered Alexia via Instagram. At the time while I had some base (vocabulary and some grammar), my goal was to overcome my fear of speaking French with the actual French person as I have moved to France permanently. Alexia is by far the best experience I have had. After about two or three classes where we simply spoke French back and forth for an hour, I found myself exchanging a bit more then “bonjour" and "au revoir” with the locals. 

She is patient yet demanding. She’ll push your limits yet always there to throw helping hand. For example, she would make me find the “best” word(s) to explain what I want to explain and then correct me with a more appropriate and idiomatic way of saying the same. She is very charismatic, a quality most educators are missing. 

She is very articulate thus easy to understand but also willing to slow down and do what’s necessary to make the experience more productive. 


I am at the tail end of my first batch of classes and I am definitely planning to continue. 

Would I recommend Alexia to others? Absolutely, as long as you’re willing to work hard!

French native who loves travelling and learning languages,I teach French for all levels.

French is known as a very difficult language to learn, you may have tried to learn the language without success, or you may not know how to start? My energy, patience and passion for the French language can surely help you!

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I'm Alexia, your French teacher