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  • 100% personalized courses based on

      your level, learning style and goals

  • Relevant and practical content

  • Ongoing support and feedback

  • A fun and motivating learning experience​

Learn real spoken French with a native French teacher

Private courses are tailored to each student

Have fun and gain complete confidence in speaking French

In addition to grammar or verbs I also focus on conversational topics so you can apply what you learn inside the classroom to real-life scenarios

Access to over 200 ideas and resources (films, songs, videos, articles...) to help you learning French from home 

After each class, you can download the class materials, new vocab and homework

"I’m really enjoying the course so far; I’ve found it well-structured and diligent! The progress I’ve made is remarkable and in no small part down to the effort and attention to detail you put into every lesson, thank you!
The way you structure the lessons is particularly good, especially how we cover more than one topic each time! It’s clear and concise too which makes revision much easier."

"My Introduction with Alexia was great!! She was very nice and patient, Looking forward to our next lesson together!"

"I’m absolutely loving my French lessons! I’d been studying French for almost 7 years but I still struggled to sound natural and at ease, which was rather frustrating. Now, I get classes specially tailored to my needs. We work on the aspects of the language that I find the most difficult. It’s also great to be learning from a native speaker because you get access to the culture in a way you wouldn’t be able to otherwise and you get real conversation practice!"

"Lovely trial lesson - very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to the next time!"

Improve your 4 skills, stay motivated, and acquire strategies that optimize your learning

Extend skills & knowledge acquired in class with homework and correction 

1 hour = 59€                5 hours = 289€                10 hours = 569€

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